• BBQ's at the park
  • Cinco-de-Mayo
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Line Dancing at the Clovis Senior Center
  • Train Transportation Outings
  • The Chaffee Zoo
  • Lunch Outings
  • Community Volunteering

                       And much more...

Our Vocational trainers:

Esperance Center North residential programs offers on going opportunities to be part of the community, all personal appointments and shopping is done using community resources. Everyone has social and recreational opportunities on regular basis. The weekends are rich with a variety of activities. Residents attend theater productions put on by local theater companies and colleges. Bowling is a weekly event and a chance to meet up with friends from other community groups. Nearby festivals and fairs are a favorite, especially the "Big Hat Days" event during the Clovis Rodeo week. Special productions like Disney on Ice, Walking with the Dinosaurs and Ringling Brother's Circus are always a treat. On weekends of inclement weather, there are a variety of movie theaters to attend.

Our Consumers:

Day Program Activities:

The Vocational trainers (VT’s) plan outings while working on social behavior such as eating out, how to use a menu, ordering and paying. The guys from the group help with the Costco shopping twice a month, while the girls have “gals day” complete with manicures, makeup and hair styling. VT’s are very good at planning parties and activities for the holidays, and special events.During advocacy meetings the schedule for the week is set up; everyone is encouraged to contribute ideas. This is the time issues are worked on like personal safety in the community such as “What is allowable and appropriate touching”, “How to let someone know you need help”. Every two weeks is “banking day” where people learn and complete their banking transactions for program expenses.

Our Day Program:

"Every person has a program designed for their specific needs and behaviors"

Our Residential Facility:

Esperance North is close enough to take a trip to Shaver Lake, Yosemite or the Red Woods Park. There are times when a weekend trip, including a motel stay, is planned’ possibly to the coast or San Francisco. Summer months provide the farmers market and Blue Grass music every Friday night in quaint and historic downtown Clovis. Should someone have a love for horses, Tally Ho Therapeutic Riding Academy is close by for guided riding lessons.

The residents of Esperance North are encouraged to take part in any activities and events that they are able to manage. All major holidays are celebrated in a “home like” manner to have everyone feel the specialness of the holiday.
If a resident has a religious preference, the service specific to that faith and holidays will be honored.

Hope with Expectation for Success

The Esperance Center North Day Program is community based and currently serves 13 consumers. We offer supported employment along with volunteer work. We have six people that have competitive wage jobs. The jobs are at local restaurants, and at The Clovis Pet Hospital where the person has a variety of tasks that help keep the pet hospital running.

Esperance North feels it is important to give back to the community in whatever way they can. Presently the consumers are volunteering twice a week at the 509 Veterans Post. They set up for events and wipe down tables and chairs. In the past they have washed police cars for the Clovis Police Department; they have done some basic maintenance chores at Fresno State University, and adopted a park to keep clean by picking up trash. The people in the program are always busy and function in a well structured environment. Public transportation training is one of the things that are worked on at different levels. Some can be at the point of learning how to board the bus, pay and sit appropriately, while others are looking for street or landmarks to know when to ring to get off.  It is our goal that at some point the person can use the transit system functionally to become more independent.