• Nutrition & health (Involves menu planning, budgeting, and how to prepare nutritious fun easy juices, smoothies and simple meals. 
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Lady's Workshop
  • Health & Fitness
  • Self-Advocacy  group meetings
  • Music Appreciation
  • Job skills training
  • Recycling

It is Esperance Center's belief that each client, regardless of disability, is an individual with strengths of his or her own. In order to build upon these strengths, all programs are individualized and based on the abilities of each client.We help our clients grow, and encourage them to be independent adults. Our expectations levels are high, and our clients maintain good employee status, are prompt to work, maintain a good attendance record and take pride in a job well done.


Our Clients

Our community based day program is located in Malibu, and we have groups in the Santa Monica area. We offer a variety of workshops, job assistance, outings and activities to provide our clients with ongoing education, social skills, work skills and independence.  Our Vocational Trainers assist and encourage  our clients to self advocate and become as independent as possible. 


  • New Year's Day                               
  •  Memorial Day                                    
  •  4th of July                                              

Our Residential Facility offers:

Vocational Trainers assist our clients in learning marketable skills. In addition, Vocational Trainers provide support to employers and employees by using the instructional strategies of job matching, job coaching and task analysis. Our vocational trainers run our workshops, they are skillful,  caring, compassionate, and dedicated to our clients. They receive on going training and work as a team.

Our Day Program:

Are easy to follow  and simple to understand. Fun so everyone can enjoy.

Our Vocational Trainers

Our Residential Facility:

Our residential facility is a level 4G home to 6 adults, all with the primary diagnosis of autism. Our residents have been with us for over 25 years. We provide them with a living situation as a part of a family, and a family that is a part of a community. Our programs goals are to promote independence, and stability for our residents in the areas of daily living,  self-help skills, meal preparation, laundry, housecleaning, hygiene, money management, and social interactions. Our residents work together as a team, in a family environment. Our clients learn to manage their environment, to make personal choices in areas that affect their daily living, and to self advocate for themselves.  They learn that along with self advocacy comes the responsibility  of realizing the affect of their decisions upon others.

Our Interactive

Our residential facility is open 365 days a year, and we provide round the clock assistance to our clients.

Hope with Expectation for Success

   Day Program will be closed on the following 6 holidays:                  


  • Labor Day                       
  • Thanksgiving                               
  •  Christmas                                         
  • Community integration
  • Counseling
  • Social activities
  • Individual night-out
  • Health/ Safety
  • Nutrition/Cooking
  • Communication skills
  • Ways of coping with daily living.
  • Family environment
  • Direct Support Care (DSP)